TMJ Image Portfolio

Are your patients experiencing TMJ disorder symptoms?


  • Pain or tenderness of jaw

  • Pain in one or both of the temporomandibular joints

  • Aching pain in and around your ear

  • Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing

  • Aching facial pain

  • Locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or close your mouth

CBCT takes the examination of the Temporomandibular Joint to a new level. After a single scan, Sagittal and Coronal views can be sectioned to show joint space and pathologies. 3D image reconstruction can clearly provide exhaustive information of the TMJ and Cervical Spine anatomy. A wide panoramic view allows a gross screening tool, where the differences in condylar and ramus height as well as other dental pathologies can be examined.

Using the DICOM files generated from CBCT, Mobile Imaging Solutions is able to provide a comprehensive TMJ image portfolio.  Check out the TMJ image portfolio below to view a sample.


Click here to view Sample TMJ Image Portfolio  

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